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The tenant must have:

– A driving license valid in his name for more than two years.
– Of an identity card or a valid passport.
The minimum age to perform a rental is 21 years for category A and category B for 22 years, or 25 years MDD. Additional drivers must imperatively be mentioned on the contract when the management of the rental vehicle. The renter and authorized drivers respond to Gousscar of these rental conditions and become fully responsible for the vehicle from its management.

The customer declares having carefully visited the vehicle and finds its proper working, cleanliness and condition of the counter take ages.
The client states have found that five tires on the vehicle are in good condition, without break and their wear is normal. In case of damage to one of them for a reason other than normal wear, the customer agrees to immediately replace a tire of the same size and brand that her car group.
Do not let drive the vehicle only by authorized drivers on the routes most traffic, without participation in competitions, rallies or sports car racing; Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of drugs or any other substance affecting your consciousness or ability to react.
Use the rented vehicle in accordance with the Highway Code, and generally in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions.
The client is not entitled to our property damages whether a vehicle delivery delay, cancellation or repairs due to abnormal wear occurred during the rental.

The vehicles are all insured risks. However, for any damage other than vehicle theft, fire, glass breakage, liability and people carried (PAI), a non-waivable ceiling remains the responsibility of the driver in the case or its partial or full responsibility would be engaged. For any accident, a report is mandatory.
Theft or damage to the vehicle must be declared to the police or gendarmerie with keys. The absence of these documents involves full payment of damage by the customer.
Personal belongings are not covered.
If fault accident the franchise will remain due,
Accidents, (material, physical, theft or fire) must be declared in the shortest possible time, it will be a PV competent authorities or finding the .faute amicable enough damage caused the vehicle will be at the customer

Vehicles can be delivered or picked up at the location of your choice.
The payment of a reservation is either: cash (Euro or Dirhams).
The rental period is calculated per 24 hours not split, since the time of availability of the vehicle.
From the management of the vehicle, you become fully responsible for the rented vehicle. (Fines and traffic offenses.)
The settlement of the rental of the vehicle is asked at the reception of the vehicle and is not refundable in case of premature interruption of your trip.
Our rates include unlimited mileage, lubricants and maintains the vehicle, the delivery / recovery of the vehicle.
The tenant agrees to return the vehicle to the lessor on time the lease. For any extension the landlord is obliged to renew its reservation request from the company considering the previous reservation definitively closed. And this in the availability limits. We remind you that you become fully responsible for the vehicle from its management. The hiring is personal, non transferable and can only show your driving license and a valid ID.