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Tips to visit in Agadir:

Enter stay in Agadir not be feasible without discovering its tips that anyone curious can visit and each corner is so distinctive. So we thought to give you an overall picture of each first place to plan your findings :

On the Casbah Agadir Oufella More informations

Commonly known as "Oufella Agadir" Agadir Kasbah is one of the leading places in the city.

The Valley of the birds More informations

The Valley of the birds is a sublime place for lovers of wildlife and exotic animals from Asia and America.

Agadir MedinaMore informations

A place where the public can come together to cultivate as part of conferences and cultural events of Souss, Agadir The Medina is the project by the architect and design expert, Coco Polizzi, falling in love with the Moroccan architecture.

Souk El Had More informations

For his varied supplies in Agadir close to the city center, there is not better than the market named "El Had."

The garden of Olhao More informations

Born twinning between the city of Agadir and the Portuguese city of Olhao, the Garden of Olhao is the right ideal plan to rest for good weather center aisle and architectural rendering has been assigned.

The Municipal Museum More informations

Because Agadir is part of Souss Massa region, it is obvious that its Amazigh culture is Memoree and listed in the main museum.

Immouzzer More informations

Far north of Agadir and 12 Km we find a natural space sublime various landforms (plateaus, canyons, mountains ....) without forgetting the various plant species and rich whose argans and palm trees is indicated.

Wall of Remembrance More informations

After the earthquake experienced by the city of Agadir in 1960, the late King Mohammed V

The ports More informations

Given its exposure to the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Agadir adopts three ports known by the name: commercial port, fishing port and marina.

Central Market More informations

Unlike other markets in Morocco, the central market of Agadir

The natural park of Souss-Massa More informations

Nearby Massa-Sidi Rbat and on 34,000 hectares, tourists will visit the largest Souss Massa natural park.